Kristina Helgstrand, M.Sc. Psychology/Exam. Psychotherapist

Kristina Helgstrand, M.Sc. Psychology/Exam. Psychotherapist



For Couples and Individuals

Are you an expatriate living, working and/or studying in Copenhagen, who would prefer an English-speaking therapist, then I can help you.  I work both with individual and couples therapy.  

I am of Swedish descent but lived my whole childhood in Denmark, where I am a citizen. I attended elementary school in Seattle (US), graduated with a master in psychology from DePaul University in Chicago, and began raising my family there. I now live in Malmo and work in both Copenhagen and Malmo. Because of this background, I know very well the challenges one faces due to cultural differences or language barriers.  

You can choose to do our therapy sessions in English, Swedish or Danish, all of which I all speak natively, and I can provide you with an internationally aware, culturally sensitive and emotionally relaxing setting, conveniently located in the heart of Copenhagen or in Malmo if you prefer.

Reach me on +4560248815 or +46702090363.

You are also welcome to text me, or write me an e-mail on: 

Kristina Helgstrand
M.Sc. Psychology/Psychotherapist

Only half a year since I’ve started having sessions with Kristina on a regular basis, a couple of my friends told me: “You´ve changed.”
— Female photographer, 30 years old